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Wine Glass sizes

According to the Daily Telegraph (7 June 2016) selling wine in larger glasses encourages people to drink more, even when the amount of wine served in different sized glass remains the same, new research suggests.

glass of red wineScientists at the University of Cambridge believe bigger glasses may encourage drinkers to consume their wine faster and therefore to order more.

But they found the opposite effect did not occur when the same quantity of wine was served in smaller glasses.

The conventional wisdom has always been that the ability to swirl the wine in a larger glass without spilling allows the aromas to be released and appreciated – especially for big and complex wines – and allows the wine to “breathe” and for your nose to be inserted into the glass without chocking. I tend to enjoy and appreciate wine more in a good and larger glass – it is quite a different experience to a glass of wine in the traditionalParis Goblet Paris Goblet! (typically no more than 19ml)

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