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UKWinesonline.co.uk exists to encourage wine lovers to find great wines and local independent wine merchants.

UKWOL logoIn a market increasingly dominated by large chains and supermarkets it can be difficult to find interesting wines beyond the bland. branded and bulk wines often produced by the multi-national companies. Yet independent wine merchants can use their knowledge and enthusiasm to track down real gems from little-known corners of the wine world. These are  often produced in quantities too small to be of interest to the supermarket giants. These wines are produced by passionate winemakers, who can combine many years of tradition with the latest techniques to produce wines which can be great value and a little different to the ordinary. Not every wine will appeal to every palate, but that is when the best wine merchants come into their own. They can take a risk and avoid the crowd-pleasing mediocrity that many branded wines offer. Wine would not be as fascinating a topic or as enjoyable to drink if everyone’s taste were the same.

Your local wine merchant can also provide a direct link to the wine-maker.The consumer can have some guarantee to provenance, a concept so important in the food chain. The merchant may know the wine-maker, the vineyard and its history. And know how the wine is produced – your guarantee that the wine is not just the result of factory production, bottling from a tanker or just a bit of clever marketing (the label etc). The very best merchants can also provide a feed-back loop to the wine-maker and even influence future vintages.

Wine writer Fiona Beckett summed it up recently in an article bemoaning the fall in the number of high street wine merchants.

…..if you seriously want to increase your wine knowledge, you should buy, at least occasionally, from independent wine merchants, which, while more expensive, offer wines that really reward you for digging deep. You didn’t know the Rhône produced characterful whites as well as reds? Or that young rioja can be as delicious as an aged gran reserva? You do now, so no excuse! You could even make a start this weekend. (The Guardian)

We see the trend here at UKWinesonline, with the closure of long-established businesses, with some going online. Online can provide a partial solution, but it cannot replace the face-to-face contact, advice and recommendations that a real-world independent wine merchant can offer!

UKWinesonline does not sell wine but merely helps winelovers to find a  local wine merchant.

We are currently listing over 700 independent wine merchants in the UK!

Until 2005 we ran a small independent wine merchants, importing French Regional Wines from some of the lesser-known parts of France, since when we have tried to share some of our knowledge of Wine and France though a number of websites:

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