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BACCHANALIA – Cambridge Wine Merchant

In Cambridge there is another “heavenly” independent wine merchant – Bacchanalia:


logoBacchanalia (the business, not the debauched Roman festival)is an established Cambridge wine merchant. It was set up 10 years ago with the philosophy of sourcing the very best drinks we could find & selling them at a fair price.  In an age where branded discounted products are the norm, this has led to safe, bland uniformity, from mass produced, confected wine. to neutral over chilled beer.  At Bacchanalia we believe the true pleasure in wine & beer is their amazing diversity, subtlety & the very fact that these products are not the same year in year out, even from the same producer. These amazing products can bring great pleasure to our lives, be it a pleasant glass on your own, a few bottles with friends or that stunning special occasion bottle.

There is  no shortage of decent Cambridge  wine merchants and Bacchanalia Wine is amongst the best with great draft beer, cider and mead all offered in addition to an impressive wine selection. No online ordering but 2 high street shops. Basic website yet great domaine name: www.winegod.co.uk


  • 79 Victoria Road, Cambridge CB4 3BS t: 01223 576292
  • 90 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2BD t: 01223 315034


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