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BAT & BOTTLE in Rutland

What a great combination – cricket and wine – and somehow Italian wine is just right when it comes together in Rutland (yes it does exist!)
At Rutland wine merchants Bat & Bottle Ben and Emma Robson have been working on making their dream come true for nearly 20 years, during which time they have shown that they really know and love their Italian Wines – and with the state of English Cricket after the Ashes win the atmosphere should be great!

Many others have had the dream to combine their sport and alcoholic passions, and this would have seemed a bit fanciful in 1994 – but hey! – they have not only survived but in so doing have won a deserved reputation with customers and within the trade for some great selections..

Bat and Bottle logoBat & Bottle was founded in Uppingham, Rutland, in May 1994 by husband and wife partnership, Ben and Emma Robson. Their dream was to buy estate bottled wines of interest and value and sell them alongside cricket bats from the freshly cut boundaries of the beautiful cricket grounds of England …

The cricket bats finally made it to the crease on the company’s Tenth anniversary, whereas the bottles were an instant success.

Their reputation has been earned through the consistent quality of the wines selected over the years alongside the high levels of personal service offered by this very small, family-owned company.

The wines are made by producers who cherish the history and traditions of their hills and valleys. Such individuals make wines with a sense of place and unique character and Bat & Bottle make the utmost effort to visit and be in regular touch with these great personalities, for their own pleasure as much as for quality control.

Ben Robson is an uncompromising importer of wine, specialising in Italy which presents a fantastic array of styles. He buys wines he falls in love with, and de-lists wines responsible for hangovers, or if they are not still beautiful the morning after.

Ben does not buy wines for his customers, he and his team find customers for his wines!


Bat and Bottle, 18D Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland LE15 7TU  t: 01572 759735


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