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Closing 31 March 2018 (retirement)

Bordeaux  wine specialist Bordeaux Undiscovered offers French wine and champagne made by small Châteaux “that the UK has never seen before”.

Nick, the proprietor, writes a daily Blog on topics which are food and wine related from around the world, histories and backgrounds of all sorts of wines and spirits etc and the site has useful Recipes and Cocktails. There is also an online magazine, Ladies With Bottle – which is dedicated to ladies who are interested in wine but also includes such topics as fashion, food, health and general chit-chat.

Names such as Château Chadeuil, Graves de Barrau, Château Tooumalin and Domaine Ricaud appear on the list; as they say nothing I have come across before so worthy of exploration and experimentation. Prices seem good.

In addition to wines of Bordeaux there is a selection of champagnes from Philippe Seconde, various pre-mixed cases and, a little oddly, two Spanish wines.

logoThe wines we choose are low production wines made by producers using traditional methods handed down from father to son/daughter over many generations. Wines which were predominantly made for the French market and until recently undiscovered in the UK.

When you share good food with friends and the occasion is accompanied by good wine what better enjoyment can you have? So let Bordeaux Undiscovered expand your choice of wines and make a contribution to your enjoyment!”

Bordeaux Undiscovered Hillfield House, Eldersfield,  Gloucestershire GL19 4NN

t:0800 876 6958

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