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only buy house wine in restaurants?


cahors wine glassDiners should only buy house wine in restaurants in protest at complex and overpriced wine lists, food writer/critic Jay Rayner has suggested (Daily Telegraph 13 October 2016).

Given that you will pay a premium in any wine in a restaurant, it does make sense to go for value for money, and often a restaurant’s house wine will be reliable and better value, and because more customers will buy the house wine it is important that the restaurant gets it right.

You can of course pay silly money for fine wines in a restaurant, but bear in mind the percentage mark-up will be much the same, whether you are paying £25 or £125! I tend to think the food is the most important thing in a restaurant, and whilst a great wine can enhance great food and vice versa, I often prefer to concentrate on the wine at home or with friends.

I know wines are often over-priced in restaurants, but if the mark-up was not on the wine then the food would have to be priced up. My own view is that I judge the overall experience and judge value for money on that basis.


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