specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)



Online Surrey wine merchant Campania Food and Wine Ltd is run by Italian Luigi di Caprio and specialises in the wines from the Campania region of southern Italy.

campania food and wine logoCampania has been well-known for its wine since the Greeks and Romans settled there, when it was known as Oenotria, “the land of wine!” There are over 100 different grape varieties in Campania alone…Campania Food & Wine have selected some of the best wines and spirits the region has to offer…The Campania region’s success owes much to the varied climates & location. Viticulture is in its element thanks to an abundance of sunshine, dry hot summers, mild winters, a long growing season & volcanic soil.

These are less well-known wines,but the quality and consistency of Italian wine improves from year to year.The website is easy to use, is richly evocative of Campania and southern Italy (Naples, Sorrento and Vesuvius being some of the best known landmarks),with good descriptions of the wines on offer and online ordering. There are also various liqueurs on offer including Strega and Limoncello and a wide variety of local gourmet foods, olive oils etc.

Campania Wines Ltd, 8 West Street,  Dormansland.  Surrey RH7  6QW t: 01342 349 450



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