specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (Aug 2018)



In Dawlish in Devon, “Charlie, the Wineman” trades as Charles Salt Fine Wines

logoWine drinking in the UK has exploded over the last decade. As the world has become smaller, the variety of wines on offer has increased.

We have selected a wide range of superb wines for you to try, and we provide more than just a wine tasting service. We can advise you on storage and usage, and in some cases we will try and help you to track down your favourite bottle!

I am not here to tell you what to drink, why to drink, or how to drink, however I do guarantee an interesting, courteous and civilised wine tasting.

Somewhat old-fashioned, but effective website. Attends a large number of country shows where you can taste. No online ordering or tasting notes. Works in conjunction with Shawbury Vintners.

Facebook linkCharles Salt Fine Wines, Corner Cottage, 2 Park Row Cottages,  Stockton Road,  Dawlish, Devon  EX7 9NP  t: 01626 864381

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