specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)



CPW was established in 1979 by Chris Piper (Chairman) after working in Beaujolais, as a wine-maker in Brouilly. CPW has now grown to become one of the West of England’s best known independent wine merchants and is based in Ottery St Mary, Devon. The catchphrase is “An independent Wine Merchant for the independently-minded!”

logoThe philosophy with which Chris Piper and John Earle started their business is still enshrined in the company’s ethic: Top quality products backed by top quality service.
Chris Piper has decided to introduce a new rating system to measure the eco-friendliness of our producers. The wines that are given an eco-warrior rating have come from growers, who, although they might not be members of any ‘organic’ or ‘bio-dynamic’ organisation, strongly believe in growing grapes and making wines using the most environmentally friendly methods possible.

The offering is comprehensive with an extensive wine list which included both revered classics and exciting new discoveries throughout the world of wine. The website is very good, easy to navigate and with oodles of information – and goodies including a videos explaining “terroir”, the wine world’s equivalent of the off-side rule.

Online- and mail-ordering is offered, and there is a proper shop. Good selection of videos on the website!


Christopher Piper Wines Ltd, 1 Silver Street, Ottery St. Mary, Devon EX11 1DB t: 01404 814139

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