specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (Aug 2019)



An Italian-focussed independent wine merchant in London is DrinkItaly, styling itself as “Italian Artisan and Organic Wine” run by Italians Donatella Bernstein and Silvio Pierluigi Pezzana.


logoIn choosing our wines we’re looking beyond the norm. We don’t buy industrially-made wines. While there is plenty of good Italian wine to be had, DrinkItaly is on the trail of wines that are truly special in some respect. We promote local traditional culture and environmental soundness by sourcing artisan wines, with organic certification wherever possible, knowing that this is the surest route to a joyous, unadulterated product, with its own distinctive characteristics.

Our wines are produced in limited quantities, often just a couple of thousand bottles per year. We underwrite the unrivalled quality of our products, in the hope of supplying Italian wine lovers with a special experience, the discovery of first-class, unknown estates, and the appreciation of a range of re-discovered almost forgotten historic autochthonous grape varieties.

OK, so I had to look up “autochthonous” – which means indigenous,originating where found. If you are in to this kind of wine then consider joining their wine club – “one of the few Wine Clubs in Britain dedicated exclusively to Italian Wines, DrinkItaly is the only one specifically focusing on artisan and organic wineries. Italian wines are remarkable both for diversity and quality, and with over 1000 autochthonous vines, most certainly justify a specialist wine club! If your interest is kindled, and if you prefer non-industrial, naturally-made wines, you are in the right company.

Online ordering is available (10% member discount) with tasting notes. Order online or collect from their Cash & Carry in N10 by appointment.

DrinkItaly      5 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ (office only) t:020 8444 4628


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