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Ellis Wharton Wines is an online independent wine merchant at Par in Cornwall established in 2006 by David Ellis and Charles Wharton.

logoThe future, we believe, lies in reacquainting ourselves with “real wines”, seeking out and preserving the unusual, the distinctive and the individual. The continuing commercialisation of wine has necessarily created a uniformity of style, a reduction of numbers of grape varieties and a general orientation towards branding. We therefore applaud growers and estates such as Mas de Daumas with their rows of vines from ancient grape varieties and those who work the land and harvest by hand, those who apply sensitive organic sustainable solutions and achieve biodiversity whatever the struggle. Talking about terroir is not mad-eyed mumbling hocus-pocus nor misty-eyed mysticism; it concerns systematically highlighting the individual qualities of the vineyard, getting to the roots of wine itself so to speak, and analysing how flavours derive from sympathetic farming. Quite simply it is the main reason why things naturally taste differently. Ultimately, we want wine to taste of the place it came from.

A fairly wide seletion of wines from both new and old world are available to order  and there are plenty of navigation options. A small shop adds to the offering. Also available is a guide to food and wine matching. Website recently updated. No tasting dates shown.


Ellis Wharton Wines Ltd. St Andrews Road, Par ,Cornwall PL24 2LX    t: 01726 825255


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