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FLINT WINES (Burgundy Wines), London

Self-confessed Burgundy wine fans Jason Haynes and Sam Clarke set up Flint Wines (named after a dog!) in 2006 since when they have expanded their offerings to include other regions of France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

logoTheir aim is to encourage an honest and informal approach towards wine. They have no intention of compromising on the quality of the wines they buy and sell but they are anxious to make the whole process as accessible and unpretentious as possible. Wines are there to be drunk and enjoyed and whilst certain bottles inspire a degree of deserved reverence, it’s important to remember that wine, like food, is just part of what contributes to great social occasions.

The website is good, with a “Tasting Bench” where they share some extensive tasting notes from recent tastings – written to inform rather than promote sales – and written with passion!

But it is clearly Burgundy which drives them:

“It is very difficult to précis what Burgundy is all about; there’s so much to say and words generally fail to convey its complex appeal. However, one can but try!
The region of Burgundy runs north to south, stretching from Chablis all the way down to Mâcon. Its epicentre, which envelops the beautiful town of Beaune, is descriptively termed the Côte d’Or, the Hill of Gold, and incorporates a series of small villages that play host to hundreds of different vineyards. These vineyards coat the hillside and provide a continually evolving backdrop to the landscape as they ebb and flow during the changing seasons. Burgundy in February looks very different to Burgundy in September.
It is a wondrous region that the captures the heart of anyone who visits it. It is not just the magnificent wines that delight but the people, the food and the way of life.
The best way to understand Burgundy is to go there. See the famous vineyards and spend time in some of the region’s fabulous restaurants, eating the food and drinking the wines. The complex system of vineyards and classifications will suddenly all make sense, hopefully!

Tastings offered.

Online ordering not available
Flint Wines 38 De Laune Street, Kennington, London SE17 3UR t:0207 582 2500

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