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Good Wine Online - Good Wines, Real Descriptions, Best PricesWhen you pick up a bottle of wine from your favourite merchant (or supermarket)  do you ever wonder what it is that you are drinking ?

Unfortunately, the hangover you receive in the morning may not be due to drinking the wine, but what’s in it. Sulphites are naturally occurring in all wines, as well as present in a number of beers & processed food. However 1 in 10 UK residents have at least a mild sulphite intolerance (bad headache the morning after), with some sulphite intolerances leading to individuals risking  rashes & anaphylactic shock.

Wine, especially  “commercial” wine, is a usual source of these sulphites. As stated, sulphites are present in all wines, it’s just that “commercial” wines (particularly cheaper brands), have a much larger amount. Wine labels  now include “contains sulphites”  – as wine has more than 10ppm (parts per million) of Sulphites. Good quality wine has around 40ppm (which is safe for most people to drink), whereas some branded wines have up to 350ppm of sulphites.

Good Wine Online was set up in 2008 by John Lang, an independent wine merchant in North Wales. John’s partner, Jane, had a severe sulphite reaction to wine whilst on holiday in Prague. As a result, the wines sold by Good Wine Online are tasted first both for quality & sulphite reaction, as stated on the site:-

Virtually every recommended wine on our list is fine for Jane to drink. She has a very mild reaction to one or two and we mention this in the description, but for all the others Jane has no reaction whatsoever. This doesn’t guarantee that it will be safe for anyone else, but if you suffer from the same symptoms, it could be worth trying one or two of these wines to see how you get on. We’ve had great success recommending our wines to various people with sulphite intolerances, and they’re delighted to be able to drink wine again.

Good Wine Online is one of the few online retailers that specialises in low sulphite wine and has prepared specialist cases for those with an intolerance It is also specialises in Argentine & Italian White Wine as well. Wines  are shipped UK wide.
No tastings offered.

GoodWineOnline.co.uk Unit 2, Parc Caer Seion, Conwy,LL32 8FA t: 0845 6432 551


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