specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)



Henry George Wines is a specialist online independent wine merchant focusing on a small number of family-grower Champagnes.

logoIt was our introduction, in the early nineties, to Laurent Champs, who now runs Champagne Vilmart, that made us realise that there’s more to Champagne than the big names that we’re all so familiar with.

Our knowledge of  champagne growers, and the quality of their products, encouraged us to start an online shop where we could showcase their wines. We felt that, in the same way that twenty years ago, when the UK public knew Champagne as a drink which was perceived to be produced only by a small number of big, well known names, today, even as small growers are becoming more well known, people are aware of only a select few of them.

With informative profiles of the growers (6) , good tasting notes and on-line ordering this site offers an opportunity to discover another world of Champagne. No tasting dates available.

Henry George Wines   6 Edburton Gardens Shoreham-by-Sea West Sussex BN43 5GR (office only) t:01273 455800


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