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HIC! online wine merchants

HIC! is an online independent based near Leeds established by Andy Saxon:

logoEstablished in 2004 Hic! continues Andy’s passion for retailing specialist wines which began back in the mid 1990s when he opened his first wine shop in Boroughbridge.

Spending his formative years in the hospitality industry and working in some of the county’s most prestigious establishments Andy was quick to recognise the growing popularity of wine consumption at home and more importantly realised that there was a growing market of ‘real’ wine drinkers that sought genuine variety and originality in their wine selection.

Consequently, Andy opened his first wine shop with a desire to supply an ever increasing knowledgeable client base with wines of a true artisan nature, individual and unique in style and at the best price possible!

Over the past two decades Andy has continually sourced, tasted and evaluated the range of wines he sells and pays particular attention to the producers who craft them. It is the credentials of these producers that play such an important role in conveying Andy’s message to the wine drinking public; their passion in the wines they produce, the way in which they farm the land and respect the environment and the vinification practices adopted all add greatly to Andy’s selection criteria.

Unlike many other online wine websites it has always been Andy’s intention to provide up-to-date information about the area the wines come from, the producers who craft them and the current vintage of the wine. Combined with an enviable reputation of providing outstanding customer satisfaction levels hopefully you will find this dedication to detail useful and aid you in your decision making process.

Good website – easy to navigate, good graphics. Online ordering and decent tasting notes and details for each wine and winemaker.

Hic! Wine Merchants 23 Main Street, Ledston, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 2AB (office)  t:01977 550047

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