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HICKS & DON, Dorset


website offline - September 2014

Established in 1966 Hicks & Don is an independent wine merchant with 3 Masters of Wine (MW) with the strapline of “Wine Well Chosen”:

While at Hicks & Don we do not claim to have the most extensive wine list in the business, we do claim to have one of the most carefully selected. We are not swayed by fashionable names or “buzz wines” and we have never been interested in selling labels at the lowest prices. Our aim is to ensure that what is inside the bottle offers good value for money. We do not sell basic “plonk”, where the glass bottle, the cork and the capsule cost more than the wine. The supermarkets have to have volume before they can buy anything: we can buy good value from the best of the smaller growers and this is how we compete .

Attractive website with online ordering – offers ex-cellars, cellar planning and storage.
Hicks & Don 17 Kingsmead Business Park, Shaftesbury Road. Gillingham. Dorset SP8 5FB t:01747 824292

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