specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (March 2019)



In Perthshire, (Scotland) Aberfeldy wine merchanst House of Menzies is run by New World Wine enthusiasts Kate and Mike McDiarmid . I tend to associate the Scots with traditional wines, and especially with France their long-time ally in their wrangles with the Anglo-Saxon world. However, this looks to be a tasting worth travelling to (although make sure you have a tee-total driver to get you back!) as the range of wines, particularly from Oz and NZ looks impressive.

House of Menzies logoTheir annual wine tasting event is geared to get people to experiment – to explore what the new world has to offer instead of drinking the same wines year on year. Mike McDiarmid comments:
“The vast majority of wine drinkers stick only to a few well-known brands. Here, consumers can widen their palette, discover exactly what they like – and sound a lot more cultured at dinner parties.”

The “shop” is also worth a visit, as you can combine choosing some really good New World wines with a bit of indulgence in the deli and café too,

It has an online store, which delivers throughout the UK and premises in a beautifully restored farm building in Aberfeldy, which has an extensive wine stock and tasting bar complimented by a delightful café, fine Scottish produce and unique artist fare.

House of Menzies, Castle Menzies Farm, Aberfeldy, Perthshire PH15 2JD    t: 01887 829666


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