specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (Aug 2019)



Specialist independent wine merchant Kosher Wine UK has two branches in London.

logoEstablished in 2006, The Grapevine carries an extensive range of fine kosher wines and spirits from around the world. It is our philosophy that there are too few high quality Kosher wines available in today’s market. At The Grapevine we appreciate that a fine wine can be the perfect accompaniment to a meal, enhance a special occasion or mark an exceptional event. A quality wine can also make the perfect gift. We therefore make it our mission to bring to you exceptional quality Kosher wines from all over the world including Australia, Chile, Spain, France and Israel among others. Any and every Kosher wine that is available to the United Kingdom can be found at The Grapevine. We have an expert team of wine conneusieurs at your service to assist with selecting the perfect wine for any special occasion or for year round drinking.

Website with online ordering and tasting notes. 2 shops in London.

KosherWineUK. 90 Oldhill Street, London NI6 6NA t:020 88 80 80 80



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