specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (Aug 2019)


LOCKETT BROS, North Berwick

An independent North Berwick wine and whisky merchant on the beautiful coastal town.

It goes without saying that passion goes a long way to what has made us successful here, (all the wine merchant websites drone on about boring stuff like that) but also emphasis on quality and relationships built up with growers from all over the world. Having a real understanding and friendships with people who make what we drink and sell, I feel is the main reason we love what we do and ultimately our customers feed off that enthusiasm and I’m sure that’s the main reason why they come back to us.


We’ve taken the stuffiness out of wine and stripped it back to the basics here, simply one of the funnest things ever. Seriously, it’s pretty relaxed in the shop, just take a look at the state of us when you come in. Perhaps I should speak for myself there, I’ll be the scruffy looking one in the shorts and flip flops.


good website with easy navigation and clean look – online ordering and decent tasting notes.

Tastings offered


Lockett Bros.133 High Street North Berwick East Lothian EH39 4HB  t:01620 890799

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