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LONDON CRU for London wine

Although at first glance the idea of a London wine seem a touch unlikely, we should remember that there are viable vineyards “up North” , certainly as far as North Yorkshire, and probably beyond. BUT , this is a winery (where wines are made) rather than a vineyard(where grapes are grown), and here the object is to create wines in London from  grapes from carefully selected growers, initially in the Roussillon (France) and Piemonte (Italy). I was aware of something similar in mid-Canada and some ex-pat Italians trying to make wines in the UK from grapes grown back home, but have never had the chance to verify the quality.

London Cru is central London’s first winery. With state of the art equipment and only the best grapes sourced from European vineyards, London Cru is the first opportunity Londoners have had to get directly involved in the winemaking process.

The winemaker Gavin oversees everything from grape deliveries through to processing, fermenting, ageing and bottling. Grapes come from carefully selected growers sourced by Gavin and Roberson Wine’s senior buyer and Master of Wine student, Mark Andrew.

All the  grapes are hand-harvested, transported in refrigerated trucks and arrive at London Cru within 36 hours. The fruit is then carefully processed before being put into tank and barrel.

London Cru offers a unique experience for people wanting to get more involved in the winemaking process without having to leave London. Tours and tastings are available, and the winery is available for hire as a unique events space in the city. Our winery is housed in a former gin distillery, under Roberson Wine’s Earls Court head office, near its award-winning shop in Kensington.

This looks a novel idea with exciting potential, both to craft some interesting and quality wines and to involve wine-lovers in London in the winemaking process and maybe create wines which are uniquely London!

London Cru 21-27 Seagrave Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1RP t:020 7381 7871


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