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Majestic Wine scraps minimum purchase rule

Originally it was a minimum purchase of 12 bottles, which enabled Majestic to be classified as a “wholesale” operation and hence not have to operate under the “off-Licence” restrictions of the Licensing Laws. Then, when those laws  changed Majestic reduced the minimum to 6 bottles – and now (as from 27 October 2015) you can buy a single bottle!

Majestic Wine offer

  • You’ll always get the best prices when you mix any six wines, champagnes or spirits.
  • Majestic has dropped the minimum purchase rule. (Buy a single bottle if that’s all you want)
  • That gives you the best prices on all wines and complete freedom to explore wines just as you like. Simple as that.
  • Majestic has removed the minimum purchase rule so you can now buy less than six bottles in-store and online. Order less than six bottles online for free collection in your local Majestic Store. Free delivery is available for online orders of six bottles or more.

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