specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (Aug 2019)


Merchant Wine Tastings – Book Listing

UKWinesOnLine.co.uk offers the opportunity to list Merchant’s Wine Tastings on the site and be included in our social media posts.

For a nomimal fee to cover our admin costs (currently £4.95 per event or £25.99 in advance for 6 events over 6 months – i.e a discount of over 10%).

The first event listing for every merchant is currently free of charge subject to completing the booking form below. Subsequent listings will not be publshed unless and until payment is received – when we have recived the complated form UKWOL will send you an email invoice payable by Paypal or credit card. On request we can send you our bank details for BACS bank transfers.

Merchant Tasting Listings

Submit details of your wine tasting for publishing on UKWinesonline.co.uk
  • Enter the title of the event
  • :
  • details as you would want them displayed - e.g subject/theme, speaker I(if appropriate), food, etc
  • How do customers book the tasting?
  • Merchant details

  • Name of business
  • not address of tasting if different
  • Listing will not be active until payment is received by UKwinesonlline.co.uk. Except for the first booking from a merchant which is Free of Charge!
  • We shall send you an invoice unless this is the first booking!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

NB Lisitngs will be visible on our site for a maximum of 6 weeks. We do not handle bookings for tastings, nor communicate directly with your customers. We will do our best to publish the tasting details as provided in the form – please advise us of any errors or omissions.

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