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NAKED WINES from Norwich

Online UK wine merchant Naked Wines looks to be offering a fresh approach to wine buying
– the best independent wine merchants offer interesting and seldom-seen wines and help to establish a link between the consumer and winemaker.

A selection of well-chosen wines from France, Argentina, South Africa, Spain, Chile, Australia and New Zealand and good use of web technology with plenty of customer feeback on the wines, a facebook and a twitter feed.

Proprietor Rowan Gormley writes:-

logoThe bad news for small winemakers is that no matter how good their wines are, they don’t sell themselves (until we came along). So they have to either sell the wine to one of the big brands for peanuts. Or they have to buy a suit, an air ticket, and waste their time and money travelling the world selling their wines. So the price of the wine goes up. Which is bad news for you.

We want to change all that.

1. We champion small independent producers, who are passionate about making great wine – and not so passionate about being salesmen
2. We pay them a fair price (we often pay cash on the nail to help their cash flow)
3. And we cut out all the crap between you and them, that you don’t want to pay for, and you can’t taste. Like shops. And mail order. And importers, wholesalers, agents and other assorted middlemen.

Tastings offered


Naked Wines Norvic House, 29-33 Chapel Field Road, Norwich, NR2 1RP (office only) t: 01603 281869

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