specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)


PETER WATTS WINES – Essex wine merchants

Small family run independent Essex wine merchants, styling themselves as “Wine Importers of Distinction”:

logoPeter Watts Wines was founded in 1979 with the initial aim to import quality wines from small producers. To start the search Peter and Lyn set out for France, naturally enough, and whilst passing the outskirts of Nantes in the Loire they stumbled across the vineyards of Philippe Laure at Clos des Rosiers where they fell in love with his fine Muscadet sur lie. We still ship this from Philippe even though he is winding down pending retirement. This pattern has continued to this day and our portfolio of wines has developed and reflects this.

Because most of our wines are from small producers, whilst not organic, most of them produce their wines with respect to the environment and use minimal amounts  of chemicals and then only when deemed necessary.

Wines from smaller producers, not seen in chains or supermarkets. High quality and great value go hand in hand at Peter Watts Wines.

Very exciting range of wines from both Old and New Worlds and long relationships with certain producers, especially in France. No online ordering but full information against each wine. Easy to use website. Small office and shop open to the public.

Peter Watts Wines Wisdoms Barn, Colne Road, Coggeshall, Essex CO61TD  t:01376 561130



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