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Planet of the Grapes


Originally published 2006

Planet of the GrapesIt couldn’t claim to be the most salubrious street in the capital but it is just a stroll from Tottenham Court Tube to Planet of the Grapes in New Oxford Street. It is also quite an unassuming frontage but it is the wine on the shelves that are of interest, or in the bath… for they have a one in the window.

The website came first, I believe, but there is little information to be found about the two guys who run the company – Matt and Marc. If they were the two chaps in the shop during my visit they seem pleasant, chatty and knowledgeable. Not a large shop by any means, so not frighteningly imposing but it does offer a very interesting range; there were more than enough wines to easily break through my self-imposed £15 limit.

The website though doesn’t seem to offer the full range I saw in the shop; the Chilean Sauvignon Gris and the Spanish Grenache are both absent from the website. There are some interesting wines listed though, a changing collection of end-of-lines and a selection of spirits complement a range of fine wines, decent dessert wines and a smattering of wines from across the world.

Delivery in Central London is free but elsewhere in the UK it is £10. I couldn’t spot a minimum order quantity. No overall specialisation for Planet of the Grapes but a world encompassing range.

Tastings are offered e.g:-

2 March 2011 – The Philosophy of Wine

9 March 2011 - Wines of Rioja Alta

Planet of the Grapes, 9 New Oxford Street, Holborn, London WC1A 1BA

t: 020 7405 4912



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