specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)



Oxfordshire wine merchant Ralph’s Wines is based in Abingdon, founded by Ralph Smith.

Ralph founded Ralph’s Wines in 2008. The philosophy behind his business is to provide you with hidden treasures from boutique vineyards, remarkable wines that have achieved high accolades and come at a very reasonable price!
There are millions of different wines produced around the world in each vintage but of these only about 4% will probably be awarded 85 points or more and only 1% will achieve 90 points and above! When we look for fine wines we don’t go by the big price or big well known name alone, if there is an undiscovered wine that has achieved a high number of points and is priced modestly it is both a fine wine and really good value too!
Ralph’s focus has been towards importing from Spain, France and Argentina but his primary target has been Northern Spain’s regions as there are still so many hidden Gold medal winners just waiting to be discovered.

Attractive website, online ordering and good tasting notes – current prices not always available.
Ralphs WinesThe Orchard House, Church Street, Appleford, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 4NX t:0208 5689 816

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