specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)



With a fresh and usable internet site, the Real Wine Company is an independent online Shropshire wine merchant set up by Mark Hughes:

logoMark Hughes spent  his entire professional life in the Wine Trade as, amongst other things, Wine Controller for Safeway and UK Sales and Marketing Director for Hardy’s Australian Wines. The Real Wine Company was the result of a Victor Meldrew-like rant against the impossibility of finding real wines which make you sit up and take notice. Over the years I have discovered gorgeous wines from around the world made by individual wine producers passionate about their wines. We created The Real Wine Company to showcase these wines and winemakers.

We feel that supermarkets can be a bit like a jumble sale where you can occasionally find a bargain. We see ourselves as prospectors on behalf of our customers; finding valuable nuggets for us all to enjoy year in, year out.

The Real Wine Company is your private gateway to our producers from around the world who are dedicated to producing quality wines at affordable prices.

There seems to be a leaning towards Chilean wines – but not exclusively. For each wine there are good personalised tasting notes and wine+food recommendations.

Innovative website – You can order  online and seach by wine style and colour – although not by country

The Real Wine Company

Criggin Barn, Llanfairwaterdine, Shropshire. LD7 1TU (post) t:0800 0322 992


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