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St Andrews Wine Company

Established by Peter Wood, the St Andrews Wine Company offers “Family-made wine from a family-run shop”.

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In the middle of Scotland, grapes are only seen in greengrocers, so you’d never see winemakers selling their wines direct to you at their farm door or at a farmers market.  I thought one was needed, and, as nobody else was doing it, I created a shop that brought together fantastic small, family run, organic and unknown producers as a perfect antidote for the bland, boring corporations that are making wine and seen on supermarket shelves and, sadly, more and more independent retailers.

We want to bring the winemakers to the fore – they are the ones putting their passion and skill into the bottle so should be the one claiming the glory.  What I do is curate the collection.  I put together the wine list that contains only the best of any given country, and I do so by tasting everything that comes into the shop, making sure it is the best that is available and is great value for money.  The best doesn’t mean that everything we have is expensive, far from it, our focus is on affordable wines at the price most people want to pay.  We do have more expensive wines, but again, it has to be the best and be good value!

Online ordering.
twitter linkFacebook link St Andrews Wine Company 16 Bell Street, St Andrews, Fife Scotland KY16 9UX t:01334 479790

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