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Storing wine at home

IN an article in the London Evening Standard (20 October 2015), wine columnist Tom Forrest discusses how best to store wine at home, should you not want to invest in a custom-built wine cellar or specialist wine fridge with separate zones for different wine styles:

A purpose built spiral wine cellar

If you are storing wine at home, there are a few rules that you will need to follow. Wine likes to be left in a stable environment, a cellar temperature of 12 deg C allows a slow maturation to take place – any cooler and you are more likely to preserve the wine rather than allow it to develop….

Of course most supermarket wines are for drinking soon after purchase, but more expensive wines can benefit from ageing in the right conditions. A simple rule is to avoid extremes (hot or cold) and disturbance – changes in temperature, light or vibration. I have kept some modest wines for about 20 years by these guidelines without any noticeable deterioration other than the natural ageing of the wine which can mean less vibrancy in colour and/or less fruit characteristics.

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