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Supermarket wine not great value?

Fiona Beckett  (Guardian 27 October 2016) refreshingly argues that buying wines from your local independent wine merchant will often offer better value for money than the supermarket shelves, except when the supermarket is running a special promotion!
adnams tempranillo“An independent wine shop, on the other hand, will generally offer you better value for money, as well as expert advice on the sort of wine that should appeal to you. The indies’ real strength, however, are wines you simply won’t find on most supermarkets’ shelves.” (Guardian 27 October 2016)

I have often been frustrated that many national newspaper wine columns only feature supermarket offererings, rather than seeking out more interesting and better value wines from indpendent specialist wine merchants. Many good wines come from individual or family businesses who only produce small quantities, carefully crafted with skill and passion.  Such wines are then sought out by knowledgeable and passionate wine merchants who deal daily with individual consumers, and are more interested in the quality of the wine, rather than searching out wines to meet a specific price point.

But if you prefer bland or branded wines, made on an industrial scale …….

Otherwise, this website (www.ukwinesonline.co.uk) provides details of over 700 independent wine specialists across England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland as well as some online wine merchants any one of whom can help customers find something interesting and great value for money!

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