specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)


SWIG.CO.UK (London)

Independent online London wine merchant  with a good reputation and funky website: Swig

logo…a strong reputation within the trade for finding wines that punch above their weight, for unearthing rough diamonds, for spotting tall poppies, but, above all, for using clumsy and ungainly metaphors.

We are a small tribe. Population: five. The village elder is Robin, who opened the popular Belsize Park shop back in 1997 and has subsequently head-hunted Damon, James, Tammy and Lucia. Given our size, we all involve ourselves in every aspect of the business, to a greater or lesser degree, which means that anyone can take the helm when necessary. We believe we have the three attributes required of any successful wine merchant: integrity, experience and a keen gag reflex, but we also have three, soon to be four, diplomas hanging on our wall, just to make our parents proud.

A good website which is easy to navigate – online ordering with decent tasting notes and information. Interesting and different selection of wines

Tastings offered

Swig.co.uk  188 Sutton Court Road London W4 3HR (office)  t:020 8995 7060

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