specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (Aug 2019)


Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions of Service

UKwinesonline.co.uk offers these listings to help consumers find local independent wine merchants in the UK.

Inclusion on the site does not imply any endorsement of any wine merchant, their business practices, solvency or honesty – and consumers engage with any merchant at their own risk.

Conversely exclusion from our listings does not imply any lack of endorsement or disapproval of a wine merchant.

UKWinesonline.co.uk makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that details are up-to-date and accurate but accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Should we become aware that a merchant has ceased trading we shall remove them from the listings at the earliest opportunity.

Consumers should always contact the merchant direct before travelling to confirm opening hours, specific location/address, availability of specific wines etc.

Our maps may only show merchant location by postcode – not a specific street address. Some merchants operate mainly online and hence may not have premises open to the public – or may have a “registered” address for the holding company,  rather than a trading address.  Consumers should always contact the merchant direct before travelling.


Tastings are listed on our Calendar on the basis of publicly available information from merchants’ websites, newsletters and social media. Every attempt is made to ensure the information is accurate at the time of publication, but we accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. Against each entry there is a link to the merchant’s entry and from there to email or telephone details where available. UKwinesonline does not take bookings or payment for tastings and consumers should always contact the merchant directly to confirm details and to make a booking and confirm details – e.g. time, place, charge, topic.

Merchant Specialisations

We endeavour to indicate where a merchant can claim to be a real specialist in a particular wine region, or where they stock wines from a lesser-known wine region. This is based on whether the wine region was listed when the listing was published or visited by  ukwinesonline.co.uk – i.e it is just a snapshot at a point in time – the merchant may have subsequently discontinued these wines, whilst others may have added them. It is just a guide to where such wines may be found.

Email forms

UKwinesonline.co.uk provides email forms consumers to contact merchants. Please do not use these forms for trade or other purposes. These are provided to reduce spam and other inappropriate uses of email addresses. All messages submitted by these forms go direct to the wine merchant and are not read or edited by ukwinesonline.co.uk

If you have any queries please contact us


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