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London wine merchant Vagabond Wines in Fulham believe they have a new approach to shopping for wines.

logoOur goal is to make shopping for wine simple, approachable and fun.
We make it easy to find the right wine by taste or food-pairing. Most importantly, you can taste virtually any of our wines before you buy – so you’ll know exactly what wine you’re getting into.

Most retailers today carry far too many wines, and the sheer variety involved can be daunting. On top of this, when buying wine, customers are expected to pay for something without knowing what they’re getting. Not so with other high street items such as music, clothes or perfume.

This is why we’re launching Vagabond Wines. Our goal is to make shopping for wine simple, approachable and fun.

Vagabond carries over a 100 wines, which is enough to be interesting but not overwhelming, unlike the 500-1000 carried by most retailers. Each of our wines is selected by an emerging Master of Wine, the industry’s highest credential.

Given the huge potential choice facing the wine consumer these days, the opportunity to try before you buy is really valuable – and it helps the wine lover to experiment with new and different wines – and by restricting the range somewhat it should be a less daunting prospect than being confronted by shelf upon shelf of wines – hopefully this will avoid selection by the impressiveness of the label or by sheer familiarity. We have all done at one time or the other – chosen by the name (often a brand) or because the label suggests something grand.

Online ordering (to come) and a decent website help – you can narrow your choice by style, region or price – or by selecting the food group which the wine will partner!

An impressive range of Tastings offered.

Voted as one of the UK’s Top 50 Independent Wine Merchants 2017 in the wine trade magazine Harpers.

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  • 18-22 Vanston Place, London SW6 1AX  t: 0 20 7381 1717
  •  25 Charlotte Street, London W1T 1RW t:0203 441 9210
  • 67 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6AA t:0203 674 5670



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