specialist wine merchants listed & mapped! (June 2019)


WINE TRUST 100.co.uk – online wine merchant

A new  independent online wine merchant founded by a former Tesco buyer, John Valentine

logoDiscovery and confidence, for people who love wine – WineTrust100 is powered by three Masters of Wine, dedicated to sharing with you a constantly refreshed selection of 100 of the best wines, for their price, from all over the world. These wines make up the WineTrust100 – wines sourced by experts, for people who want to enjoy wine, and not worry about wine.
Wine selection, simplified -As Masters of Wine we taste thousands of wines in a year. WineTrust100 is a ruthlessly edited selection of our heroes – wines of character and deliciousness that over-perform for their price. The relationship between quality and price is shown in our “QPR” rating. The closer to 100 the QPR, the better the quality is for the money. Only wines with a QPR of 90 and more make it into the WineTrust100.
Brilliant wines at sensible prices -80% of these 100 world-beating wines cost £20 or less and a quarter are £10 or less. Some wines may be unfamiliar to you, as great value is to be found off the beaten track, and we champion new discoveries and the underrated. We are completely independent, and choose wines only on the basis of their quality and value for money. We are constantly finding exiting new wines, or swooping down on well-priced parcels, so the WineTrust100 list is always changing.

A potentially impressive offering – with 3 Masters of Wine(MW) and” 100 incredible wines – a ruthlessly edited selection of 100 of the best wines, for their price, from all over the world.” Impressive website with an interesting list of wines, some quite obscure. Online ordering with good tasting notes. Tastings offered (in Cambridge).


WineTrust 100 Regd Office: Wine Selection Ltd, 5 Free Church Passage, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5AY t:01480 409 330


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